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TrueHealth takes a proven approach to achieving a healthier you. Your treatment doesn’t end with your prescription. TrueHealth uses 3 pillars of long term & sustainable health: Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability.


We’re going to take an in-depth look at your blood to see how healthy you are. By looking at hormone levels, vitamin levels, and other key markers, we can provide you personalized treatment plans to get to the root of your symptoms. We are more than just a hormone clinic. The goal is to help you feel your best in all areas of health and wellness.



We provide personalized & goal-oriented workouts and fitness programming for you. No matter what the experience level is, we provide solutions that fit you and your schedule to help you meet your goals at home or in the gym.


Your personal nutrition coach will create your diet to fit both your lifestyle short-term and long-term. The key to sustainable weight loss, increased muscle mass, and feeling your best is being able to enjoy what you eat (and have it designed just for you) so you can do it forever.


We walk with you hand-in-hand through the entire journey to ensure your success in both fitness & nutrition. You have a coach in your corner (& in your pocket) to help you along every step of the way in creating lifestyle changes and pursuing your goals.

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Hey guys! My name is Bea Taylor and I am your personal fitness coach! I currently live in Marion, IL where I own and operate BeaFitt Personal Training Company. I enjoy boxing and creating a company that is personalized to my clients. My passion is fitness and health, and I want to empower you to take charge of your well-being while balancing daily responsibilities. You can expect individualized exercises that meet your current fitness level. I am here to bring the energy, be your personal accountability partner, and be your biggest supporter for your health goals.



Liz's Story

Being a mom of 3, working out weight loss has never been an easy journey. After years of diet after diet, pills after pills, nothing ever seemed to work for me. Not only that, but with the struggle or staying committed it seemed like the weight was there forever. Until I took a chance and made an appointment at True Test. I met with my coach and he explained everything to me and helped me get a weight loss program together. They did blood work and checked everything. I have an app that communicate with my coach and it helps me stay on track. The best part of this lifestyle change, I feel amazing. My clothes just fell off now and I have gone from a 14 pant size to a size 8 pant, and a 2x shirt to a large. This was the best decision I have ever made. I think the big part is the accountability. Everyone at TrueTest is wonderful. promise you wouldn’t be disappointed, make that appointment and start today.

Cheryl's Story

The fitness and accountability portion of TrueTest truly changed my outlook on a healthy weight and lifestyle. I have worked out for years, but never quite got the nutrition part down. My coach taught me that without eating right your weight loss journey can be never ending. I have truly learned not to diet, but instead eat the things that I love and try new recipes with these foods. I always thought eating high protein would have the opposite effect of what it has. I needed to be educated on what that looked like and my coach answered all my questions through the app or in person at our bi weekly meetings. Being accountable to my coach also was important as I knew he would be counting on me to do the things that he taught me to do. After a couple months on the program, I have truly learned great ways to nourish my body all while losing the extra weight that I have wanted to lose. You can definitely still have choices, and go out, but just knowing how to guide and be prepared is the most important aspect. The things that the nutrition and accountability program have taught me are invaluable as I continue to work on my health, which should be a priority.