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The mindset of True Test is captured best within its motto, “Unlock Your True Potential.” In maintaining this motto, the vision of the True Test Franchisor team seeks to break the mold of a passive and generally hands-off approach prevalent in typical franchisor-franchisee relationships. Instead, True Test prides itself through hands-on involvement via on-site visits, weekly/monthly workshops, open lines of communication, new and innovative marketing & advertising, clear expectations, and periodic meetings brainstorming the next steps toward success. Through a meticulous approach, True Test prides itself on maintaining precision, quality, and growth- minded strategies to not only meet your individual needs, but remain innovative on the leading edge of TRT science.


Local marketing, branding, and advertising assistance with our corporate marketing team that has a proven system of getting qualified patients into your door at the lowest cost possible. A comprehensive review of your state’s laws pertaining to franchises, the corporate practice of medicine, and regulations on controlled substances and prescriptions to ensure your compliance. A synergistic proprietary line of True Test supplements. The line includes products that improve cholesterol, blood pressure, vitamin & mineral support, general health, and much more. A corporate support team that specializes in operations, marketing, sales, legal, managing and retaining employees, and building a strong culture within your clinic. Complete pre-opening training, at both the corporate location and onsite in your territory, including hands-on training for you and your staff using our proven system that is streamlined and efficient. Start-up assistance including advice on site selection, recommended clinic layout and design, equipment requirements, decor, and more. A comprehensive confidential operations manual that provides you with details on our specialized procedures plus client service policies, operational standards, and more. Alliances and relationships with approved vendors and established suppliers ensuring the highest quality of products combined with maximum discounts.
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The branding and design concept for the True Test clinic is contemporary, with a focus on clean lines, sleek surfaces, and functional pieces. From a patient’s first step into a True Test clinic the attention to detail is apparent. Each and every aspect of the business, from the clinic’s functional design concept, to its meticulous organization geared specifically toward patient care, True Test will astound every individual who steps foot into one of its clinics.


According to Men’s Health Magazine, more than five out of ten men struggle with low testosterone. Testosterone generally begins to decrease after age 30 causing side effects that range from symptoms such as decreased energy, low libido, loss of bone mass, and obesity. A recent study in 2018 from the Center of Disease Control demonstrates levels of obesity in the United States are on the rise, growing from 30.5% to 42.4% since 1999, while a 2019 Harvard study published by the New England Journal of Medicine projects levels of obesity will be over 60% by 2030.

With obesity being a main contributor to premature death due to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, the combination of low testosterone and obesity can be a vicious cycle, where motivation and energy are low, and results of physical activity are diminished.


In 2022, the Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) market is expected to reach $4 billion dollars, an increase from $2 billion dollars in 2012. TRT is a comparatively new pharmaceutical therapy, unequivocally projected to grow in popularity as increasing awareness regarding the benefits continually proliferate to untapped demographics. Thus, TRT is a booming new-age market fueled by every man’s desire to become a better, healthier version of himself. With an ongoing prevalence of obesity in large segments of society paired with another demographic focused on health and well-being (especially in this post-COVID era) it’s no secret TRT will see continued successes through untapped markets and growing awareness of its life-changing effects.


Owning a business can be a challenge, but with your passion and hard work, combined with the proven True Test systems there to help support your growth and development, you can do it. You’ll be prepared, and you’ll be changing the lives of men and women in your local community with the products and services that True Test provides.
  • Turnkey design and layout of your space
  • Turnkey marketing playbook
  • In-depth comprehensive franchise system
  • Solid company foundation with ZERO debt
  • Less than 2 year return on investment.*
  • New unsaturated market

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become an important part of the growing True Test network, please fill out our confidential information form and submit it to us. If you qualify, we will schedule a follow-up meeting with you to discuss the franchise business in more detail.

If we mutually agree that this opportunity is the right fit, then you’re well on your way to becoming a True Test franchise owner! Once you join the team, we will be there to guide you through the next phases, from training, set-up, and marketing in your local community to other key business activities.

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can bring True Test’s quality, expertise, and unique approach to helping people Unlock Their True Potential!